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>Thinking about these long lost ancestors I’ve recently found, I always marvel at the volume of children they produced.  Thinking about it more, I realize that birth control was non-existent for most of them.   If you were stuck in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization, you didn’t have many options to prevent pregnancy.  It wasn’t like you could run… Read more »

>Being Smart Ain’t Easy

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>There is an article over at SFGate about schools decreasing or eliminating funding for programs designed for gifted kids.  It’s funny that most people seem to assume gifted kids have an easier time in school than the remedial kids.  Speaking from personal experience, I probably hated school as much as a kid who was struggling with a learning disability. Frustration… Read more »

>Bonjour, allo, salut!

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>For years I’ve been searching for this French kid’s show called Telefrancais. In junior high, our French teacher showed us an episode with a talking pineapple and dancing skeletons. All I could remember was the entire class uncontrollably laughing at this absurd TV show. I swear PBS aired it back in the late 80s or early 90s. After years of… Read more »