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>Random thoughts on the Golden Globes

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> Usually, I watch the red carpet coverage of awards shows and am completely unimpressed with most gals attempts at formal fashion.  This year was different or maybe I’ve lost my mind, but it seems like the majority of women really pulled off some great looks, Helena Bonham Carter aside, of course.  Then again, I could probably accept her quirky… Read more »

>Random Thoughts on Christmas Lights

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>For some reason, people in Sacramento seem to like string those big white bulbs on their houses.  It reminds me of Farrell’s.  Or Las Vegas.  Does anyone remember Farrell’s?  They wore those old-fashioned outfits with the straw hats and vests with the arm bands.  Way better for a kid’s birthday party than stupid Chuck E. Cheese. Wait…I was talking about… Read more »

>Christmas Magic

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> I feel sorry for adults who don’t like video games.  One of the great things about Christmas was getting toys.  As an adult, society frowns upon me asking for a Barbie, Play-Doh, or Lincoln Logs as a gift.  Heck that frowning started as early as 12 years old even though I still longed to play with toys whilst the… Read more »

>The Holiday (Class) Reunion

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>Back when I first went off to college, an interesting thing used to happen on the day before Thanksgiving.  An impromptu high school reunion of sorts would spontaneously break out.  Of course, this could be a phenomenon that only occurs in towns of small to medium size.  Since we didn’t have things like email or text messages, once a person… Read more »

Let’s Play Inappropriate Halloween Costumes!

  I saw this sexy Big Bird costume at Target a couple of weeks ago and am traumatized by it.  What the hell? Wasn’t Big Bird a boy? Those vacant googly eyes in her headdress are making me sad. Portion of my childhood has been bastardized. And as much as I’m not a fan, they got Elmo too. And it’s… Read more »

>What’s All The Fuss About?

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>Growing up, Saturday nights meant that my parents would go over to friends and neighbors houses to play cards.  My sister and I were then supposed to socialize with the random children of my parents friends.  Sometimes we knew these kids pretty well, so it was fun for us too.  Mostly, we were stuck playing with strangers we only saw… Read more »

>A Day I Can’t Forget

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>Back in 1989, October 17th was just another school day for me in Vacaville.  I remember the weather was warm and sunny.  Honestly, I don’t remember anything before 5:04 PM.  Well, maybe a few seconds before, I remember that I was sitting at the dining table doing homework.  Suddenly, it felt like someone grabbed my chair and started to swirl… Read more »