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>Random thoughts on the Grammy Awards

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>The Grammy Awards were last night and I honestly had no idea who half the people were that marched down the red carpet.  My sister and I played, “Who’s that?” for most of the night.  Partially it’s because I no longer listen to FM radio.  Partially it’s because they don’t show videos on MTV anymore.  Partially it’s because I’m old… Read more »

Do not taunt Jumbo Fun Ball

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  Of course that reference to a long forgotten Saturday Night Live “commercial” is lost on today’s youth, which is really sad, because I saw this product for sale at Costco yesterday and instantly the lengthy “legal” warnings came to my mind. Giggling like a fool at a seemingly innocent child’s toy, I was also reminded of one of my… Read more »

>I’ll drink to that!

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>I’ve never understood the appeal of drinking games.  Quarters, beer pong, do a shot when Randy Jackson says, “Yo dog…”  Why not just drink and hang out?  Why does it have to be a competition?  Don’t you have anything interesting to say?  Even during college, my friends and I never had to find an excuse to drink.  It was just… Read more »

>Howdy, neighbor! What channels do you get?

>Back when I was a kid, everyone in town had the same TV access.  There were really only two choices, over the air or cable.  Being that my hometown is nestled up against a small mountain range (I thought of them as hills) getting reception could be challenging for most folks.  Everyone had the same cable service.  There was only… Read more »

>It was the year 1986…

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>Twenty five years ago, I was in the 6th grade.  I remember the morning of the 28th of January pretty clearly.  I was walking down the hallway to the library for a GATE class.  We were going to watch the Space Shuttle take off because a teacher was on board.  What’s weird is that I remember watching a special about… Read more »

>Do the kids still use pyrotechnics at their shows?

>I just don’t get the whole Coachella thing.  Is it like Burning Man?  Could I sound more like an old fogey?  Seriously, I don’t feel like I’m cool enough to get any of it.  Plus, why in the blue hell would I want to camp out anywhere regardless of there being music or not.  Hey, let’s go hang out in… Read more »

>Random thoughts on game shows

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>While surfing through the humdrum midday television options during my recent holiday break, I stumbled across Cash Cab again. I have a love/hate relationship with this show.  On the one hand, I love all things trivia.  Random useless information is my milieu.  On the other hand, how can some people be so dumb?  People who can’t answer what I think… Read more »