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>Exercise is awesome!

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> Exercise Equipment? Are you paying someone to clean your house and to let you exercise at their gym? Why not pay me instead and combine the two bills? I will come over to your home and yell at you to clean your filthy house. Look at those baseboards! What the heck is that under the bed? Have you moved… Read more »

>Hazard a guess

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>Sacramento…you see that red triangle shape on the console or dashboard of your car? That’s the button for your hazard lights. I’m pretty sure most of you think that if you push that red button, something awful is going to happen to your car. Here’s the thing…it’s not. It’s a warning to other drivers that you are about to do… Read more »

>Online Dating: All Advice is Crap

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> Note to self, never ask married women for dating advice. It’s like them asking me for child-rearing advice. The only thing either of us are able to do is spit platitudes and cliches at each other. When you enter the “epically single” category, people stop being able to help you. You’ve tried it all. Playing games and being yourself…. Read more »

>5 Tips for Successful Tricks or Treats this Halloween

> Did I reel you in with my slick title? Prepare to be disappointed. I only have four tips to offer.  Handles – Be sure whatever sack type you use to collect your hoard of candy has sturdy handles. No one wants accidental bloody hands on Halloween. Nor do you want your cheap paper bag splitting open like a pinata… Read more »