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>Online Dating Chronicles: Translations

> I’m at a strange point in my love life.  I’ve sort of started dating someone…I think. Well, that’s what someone said to me in a conversation the other day, “That guy you’re dating…” So I guess that’s a confirmation.   It’s that delicate beginning where I don’t know if we are exclusive or not. I know I’m not dating anyone else,… Read more »

>Red doesn’t mean go

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> Sacramento, will you please do me a favor? Honk at red light runners. Obviously the possibility of a stiff fine won’t deter most people, so we’ve got to resort to peer pressure. Hardly anyone in this town honks. I drove home one night and saw 5 different people run red lights at 4 different intersections. Not one person honked… Read more »

>Relationships are funny, sometimes.

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> There are certain forms of comedy that are just tired. The whole “take my wife, please” stuff was funny 50 years ago, but hasn’t been since. Women do that stuff too about their husbands/boyfriends. It’s frustrating to someone who is single to hear a married/non-single complain about their significant other in a general way. If they are that awful,… Read more »

>Online Dating Chronicles: Scammer Avoidance

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> Thinking about curing your lack of Valentine and joining an online dating site? The Sacramento Bee recently did a story that had some tips to help you avoid a scammer. Mostly, it’s just common sense, but a little refresher never hurt anyone. My rule of thumb is “Don’t send anyone money you haven’t met in real life.” Actually, I… Read more »

>Online Dating Chronicles: A little common sense please…

>Dating is a font of frustration.  My single friends and I commiserate over happy hour, confounded by our latest rejections and frustrated by the whole process in general.   Over one such, session, my friend Jen, who you can follow on Twitter, asked if she could contribute to the education of single people who are considering a foray into the online dating… Read more »

>Online Dating Translations

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>Yep. You are still being inundated with those eHarmony and commercials. So, let me translate a few overused phrases in most men’s profiles. It’s a warning to the ladies and writing assistance to the men: “I’m sarcastic.” Online dating translation: I’m a dullard with no sense of humor. “I’m outgoing.” Online dating translation: I’m too shy to talk to members of the opposite… Read more »

>Online Dating Tips for 2012

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> Brace yourself. You are now being bombarded with ads to sign up for dating sites. As a public service, I’d like to share some advice from my sadly extensive time on said sites. Dates don’t actually occur online. The websites are just a way to find people and figure out if they are interesting/sane enough to meet in person…. Read more »