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>The other day I got something interesting in the mail.  Actually, it’s kind of boring to most people.  It’s the booklet from the State of California describing all the propositions. 

Of course, we all know about Prop 19 and how it will legalize marijuana for recreational uses.  People might as well vote for this because the reality is that medical marijuana is mostly being used for recreational purposes anyway.  At least this law will let municipalities tax it up and pull in some tourism dollars.  The dumbest argument I’ve heard against this proposition is that employers will have to let their employees smoke up at the office.  First of all, no one is allowed to smoke in public indoors in California.  Second of all, most employers have policies that don’t allow you to be intoxicated in on the job, so everyone just calm the hell down.

Prop 23 temporarily repeals an environmental law.  The dumbest argument in favor of this law says that it will allow businesses to grow and bring more jobs to California. I’m no environmentalist, but do we want dirty industries here?  And if so, what happens to those jobs/companies when the unemployment rate goes up and the laws are enforced again? 

The one proposition that needs to pass is Prop 25.  If you are tired of all the flipping budget stalemates and other delays, you need to vote for this law.  It changes the requirement to pass a budget from a 2/3 majority to a simple majority.  Here’s a hint, if anyone proposes a law that needs a 2/3 majority to make a decision, they are basically saying that the decision will almost never be made.  It’s rare that a legislative body can get a 2/3 majority.

Which means if you vote yes on Proposition 26, you are an idiot.  Why are you an idiot?  Because you probably complain about legislators doing nothing and taking forever to pass a budget.  Then you go and vote for a proposition that makes their jobs even more painful to read about.  Thanks alot!

Just remember if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

2 thoughts on “>I Dare You to Vote

  1. Geno's Garden

    >Hey there, girlie. I want to respond to the marijuana thing. I have a daughter with 2 teenagers of her own and 2 exchange students. She's worried like shit about drugs and her kids and so are her friends (all very liberal, earth mamas). The reality is that kids have a tough enough time growing up and the more we make pot accessible to "adults" the more it will be accessible to them. Today's pot is also supposedly more refined, bred for higher highs. So it's the kids…that's why I'm against anything to do with it.
    Other than that, how's it going?
    Jeannie (Geno's Garden)

  2. Ms. Chick

    >Hi Jeannie,

    Thanks for the comment. I can understand concern for kids getting access to drugs. But is access really the problem or is it something else?

    With regard to the stronger stuff, if it's legalized, then the government can regulate the strength just like alcohol. I'm not saying that they will because clearly government regulators haven't been regulating much lately.


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