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California State Capitol Building in Sacramento

Tomorrow is Admission Day in California.  My mom tells me that they used to get this day off from school way back in the 60s.  20 some odd years later, my generation did not have this date highlighted on their school calendars. 

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that most Californians don’t know much about this holiday.  It doesn’t seem to be a state holiday, which is kind of ironic.  I mean shouldn’t there be a state holiday for the anniversary of statehood?  And by state holiday, of course I mean we all get the day off!

Since my preferred method of celebration is not an option, how shall we honor our admission into the United States?  Picnics? A visit to local landmarks? What is an utterly Californian thing to do? Drink red wine and eat sushi at a football game?

On a side note, this is the day my great-great grandfather became a U.S. citizen in 1850.  He started out life as a Spanish subject.  Then after the Mexican War of Independence, he was a inhabitant of Mexico.  Did I mention he lived in the same place his whole life?  Not many people can say they lived in the 3 different countries and never left town.

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