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Seriously, Sacramento is the capital

I only watched a few minutes of the debate, but one of the first things I thought was, “Wow this is really Sacramento centered.”  I also wondered if everyone in the state saw this debate.  It was shocking that a local person was the host/anchor. 

People from outside of California might think these are dumb thoughts because isn’t Sacramento the state capital?  Yes, but California is very Los Angeles and Southern California centered in pretty much every possible way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Southern California.  We in Northern California just feel like we get treated like an afterthought most of the time…a red headed stepchild, if you will.

Yeah, I’ve heard all the reasons, “There are more people down south.”  Well, that’s actually the only reason I’ve heard.  It’s still annoying that we give them water. Although, our water tastes better, so neener-neener.  It seems like our roads don’t get maintenance as quickly as theirs.  We have freaking traffic jams too!  

It would just be nice if people in our own state could recognize Sacramento as the seat of government and not some random town that politicians want to get to on their way somewhere else.  Clearly from my thoughts on the debate, I’m guilty of not giving Sacramento its due as well as everyone else.

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