>One Size Never Fits All

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>Today, I was thinking about the similarities between bras and shoes. 

The ones that make you look attractive are completely uncomfortable and the ones that are comfy make you look frumpy.  They also can only be worn for so long before they become uncomfortable, fashionable or not.  When either one breaks down in public, it’s nothing short of a tragedy. 

A woman will probably not know her correct size in either case, but might be able to give you a range.  The style/design of both items can vary greatly and thus cause a woman to have to try on a plethora of pieces to find perfection.  Pardon the alliteration, but it’s a maddening process to get a decent fit either way.  And by fit, we mean a combination of comfort, style and mood.  Does it look good?  Do I feel good wearing it and how long will I be able to wear it before it becomes unbearable?

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