Beauty Review: Instawave Automatic Curler

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Instawave Automatic Curler ReviewThe folks at KISS Products sent me one of their Instawave Automatic Curler to try out. Now, I’m not really much of a hair stylist and my hair is fairly low maintenance. I pretty much just blow dry it and go. I put one product in it to keep the fuzzies down (see image below) and as a detangler. It’s not for styling per se.

This is what I use on my hair (affiliate link)

Also, my hair is very fine, but I have a TON of it. It doesn’t stay in any kind of hair accessory without the help of hairspray. Those cute chopsticks you see gals using to keep their hair up in a bun…I can’t use them. My hair will fall right out.

So, sometimes I like to put strategic waves in my hair. My hair has a natural wave to it, but it looks like a wet dog, so I usually just blow it straight. Enter the Instawave Automatic Curler.

I’ve used it a few times before writing this review and I have to say I love it.

Instawave Automatic Curler: Easy to use

At first, I was a little afraid of it. I have this problem with left and right. I don’t know which way is which. So, when trying to use this thing, I had a few misfires. Finally, I did get the hang of it and realized just how easy it is. I also freaked out a bit about how to hold it because other curling irons you hold horizontally. This one goes vertically. Again, it was just something I had to get used to and I did┬áby the time I was done doing my hair once.

Instawave Automatic Curler: Fast

It literally takes 10 seconds to get a curl in your hair with this thing. Of course, I put it on high because I’m impatient. It really doesn’t take long to get your hair done even if you put it on low. I felt like I curled all of my hair much faster than with other curling irons. Maybe it was because I didn’t spend all that time twisting!

Instawave Automatic Curler: Lasting curls

Usually, the day after I’ve curled my hair you can’t see much if any waves in my hair. This was not the case with this curler. While the curl wasn’t as tight as the day before, it still held up fairly well. I had a nice wave the next day. You can see in the image above what it looked like.

Still not convinced? Check out this video to see the curler in action.

Please note: While I did receive a free curler, I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions are my own.

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