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>Today, my curling iron broke. It was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Over the past few days, my hair seems like it has some excessive product in it. The only thing is that I don’t remember using any products. Well, I did use a new conditioner, but that was on Sunday. Could it still be stuck in my hair?

Usually, I can get away with using cheap shampoo. I’ve been known to buy stuff that costs 99 cents, not on sale. Clearly, it’s time to upgrade. I have no problem spending $25 on eyeshadow, but for some reason I get miserly when it comes to my hair. Maybe it’s because the eyeshadow lasts longer than a couple of weeks…It sucks because I have to wash my hair every day. Otherwise it looks like I slept with my head in a bucket of grease. Luckily, it doesn’t smell like that.

I bought some Pantene. At least it’s better than the 99 cent cheap stuff…right? Next I need to replace that curling iron. Not that I have much time to use it in the morning, but you never know when I’ll need it.

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