You’re on notice, jerk.

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Parking is always a sensitive issue for me. This past weekend I went shopping at IKEA where they have an interesting array of parking types. There’s the federally designated ADA blue signed spots which are nothing new. There’s this nifty little corner that is deemed “family” parking. It’s close to the building and it seems that the spaces are a bit wider than the usual parking spot.

Then there are these little green signs…

See that? They say for electric or hybrid cars. To wit, are any of these cars in that category?

Is that an electric and/or hybrid?

Does this qualify?


My sources say no. Now it’s not illegal to park in these spots (as far as I know) if you are not, in fact, driving an electric or hybrid vehicle. It is, however, an asshole move. I have no idea how or why IKEA decided to designate these spots for specific car types, but you can at least respect their choice.  If you don’t like it, shop somewhere else.

If you have someone in your car who needs to be closer to the building, then park in the family spots. Pretty sure that’s why they were created. I don’t have a problem with grandma or Uncle Jesse needing a little assistance, but somehow, I doubt these people fall under that category.

I saw at least two Priuses (or is that Prii?) parked in the lot far away when they could have parked up close.

People be warned. Just because the IKEA cops are busy chasing down meatball burglars doesn’t mean people can’t see you acting like an asshole, doing something you know you shouldn’t be.

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