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WhiskeyTangoToday while driving back from lunch, I noticed an odd Minnesota license plate.  Now, Minnesota has a TON of different kinds of license plates on the road.  Just look at this 11 page list from the Department of Public Safety.  Yep, 11 pages!

Regardless, I thought I’d seen one before and had wondered at its plainness…which usually is reserved for government type vehicles.

When I googled “white Minnesota license plate with black letters” the phrase “whiskey plate” showed up in the search results.  Ignoring that, I clicked on the description on the OMG! Facts page that said something about special DUI plates.  That’s right Minnesota has special license plates for people who have had two or more DUIs in the past 10 years or who have been caught with a blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit or higher.

Twice the legal limit is what we all know as fall down drunk.

While some of you might be thinking that’s kind of hardcore…it is. And I’m all for public shaming.

Now before you get your britches in a knot, the offender only has to have the plate for one year…but they have to have them on ALL of the vehicles they own.  So not only are you wearing the scarlet letter, but if your name is on the title of your kid’s car…so do they!  Fun for the whole family!

I saw some article where a guy was complaining about the fact that now everyone is his small town knows his business…because of the white license plate. Dude.  Get a grip. People in your town know your business, white license plate or not.  That’s how life in small towns work, right?  You can always move to a different state.

Speaking of public shaming, I found this website where the author was doing nothing but posting photos of various. Granted it doesn’t have many entries and they stopped updating it back in 2009, but my point is this is what I warned you all about on the internet.  Personally, my favorite photo is the one (or two) of the car with the Whiskey Plate outside of a liquor store.

Of course, now, every time I see a car that is driving like a jerk, I wonder if they have a whiskey plate.

Side note: If you search for Minnesota whiskey plate, you will get a shitton of attorney websites.  That’s some good SEO!

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