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>Being that I frequently stare at maps for my job, I tend to take notice of street names.  For example, how in the hell do you pronounce Seamas Avenue? Is it Shay-mus? or Seem-us?  For that matter, whenever I see Goethe Road I tend to think of the dude that wrote Faust, but apparently it’s named for someone who pronounced it “gate-y”. 

Then we have the constant misspelling of Capitol Mall.  It’s not Capital Mall, people.  If you work on that street you should get that right! 

I do enjoy that there are several streets named after inventors: Marconi Avenue, Fulton Avenue, and Tesla Way.  I’ve heard tell that the sign on Tesla Way used to be stolen quite frequently back in the day.

Many times I’ve driven down Elvas Avenue only to wonder who the hell this “Elvis” guy might have been.  I tried to search the internet for an answer, but grew bored after looking at 15 pages of search results.

I did notice a Random Lane on a map the other day and I have always enjoyed the street name Winding Way.  There is an Opportunity Street, but it’s not very long and not in the best part of town.

4 thoughts on “>The Streets of Sacramento

  1. Maria Horchata

    >One of my favorites–the intersection of Challenge and Response over by Cal Expo. As far as signage, I like the intersection of Elvas and Elvas, or Dudley and Dudley (on base at McClellan.) In fact, I have a picture somewhere of that sign– I'll have to track it down.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >I have seen the Elvas/Elvas intersection, but didn't know about that one at McClellan. Hilarious! It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer is visiting his girlfriend who lives across town and he gets lost at the intersection of A and A, or something like that…I think he called it a nexus.

  3. undercover caterer

    >It's "seemus". That drove me nuts for years too.

    I like the street corners of 20th/20th, etc…with street and ave.

    I live on one of them and let me tell you it's a bitch when you have to call a cab.


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