Springtime in the Midwest

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Minnesota, St Paul, MinneapolisApparently, Mother Nature isn’t just crazy in California.  She’s also nutty here.  Someone forgot to tell her that it’s late April and time for warmer weather.  So, now it’s snowing.  I know that I’ve seen people lamenting the fact that there have been blizzards blowing through the Midwest for the past few months seemingly non-stop. It’s all over the Twitter and the Facebook.

Let me tell you something, California gets spring for a week.  If they are lucky.  It jumps from rain (also known as winter) pretty much right into heat (also known as summer).  There are very small transitions in the seasons.

Also, I hate the heat.  I escaped its clutches in my early 20s when I moved to San Francisco.  The lovely fog and/or marine layer give the City by the Bay some of the lowest daily, mean temperatures for a major city in the U.S. for June, July and August. I didn’t even have an air conditioner when I lived in that area.  I didn’t need it.  It got into the 90s for MAYBE 3 days each year.  Since those days were usually during the week, I spent the hottest hours at work where they had air conditioning.

But, here in Minnesota, it’s snowing.  Right now, that is still novel to me.  I love the fact that I can sit cozily on my couch and watch giant flakes drift by the big picture window.  It reminds me of being a kid when I lived on the East Coast for a short while.  I loved the snow then too.  Making snow angels, sledding, snowball fights…OK, I didn’t like snowball fights, but I did like building snowmen and snow forts.

It’s not like I had to drive in it or anything.  Plus, I doubt the roads will be shut down for three to four days…I’m looking at you Wyoming!

So, this afternoon, I watched the pouring rain magically become fluffy white flakes.  I wish I would have made some hot cinnamon flavored tea.  That would have been perfect, but instead, I just stared at the show Mother Nature was putting on for everyone.  Reminding them that she is in control and not us puny humans.

Supposedly, the weather will change again this weekend and spring will finally arrive.  It’s supposed to be near 70!  A heatwave!

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