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>I’m driving up a quasi-busy street. There is a pick up truck in front of me chugging up the hill. Suddenly the driver of the pick up decides to just stop in the middle of the street. No signal, no pulling over, just stopping because he has to check his map, get his coffee or answer his cell phone. It’s so damn rude. At least make an attempt to show some common courtesy by pulling over to the right a little bit or putting on hazards.


Yesterday morning was street cleaning day on one side of the street in front of my office. It’s nothing new. It’s been the same for the last five years that I am aware of. Anyway, I was walking through the reception area and I see three beat up vehicles blocking our driveway. The owners decided to double-park in front of our lot (blocking most of our cars) until the street sweeper goes by. I could understand if the sweeper was going to go by in a few minutes, but there was at least another HOUR left. These jerks have nothing better to do on a Tuesday morning, but avoid a $35 ticket. Dude, suck it up and get a garage. If you can’t afford that, ditch the car.

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