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What you can’t see in this crappy picture of a gold car is that it has a Jesus fish on it and the license plate says GDLYGLD. I guess that means “Godly Gold”. My dyslexia might have mixed it up. Oh, I almost forgot the requisite GW Bush sticker in the lower righthand corner (passenger side).

4 thoughts on “>On the road

  1. tsduff

    >Oh dear! I thought it said “goldy gold” – like after a fish or something. Too funny! Who knows, what lurks in the minds of the mystery fish cars…

  2. Notsocranky Yankee

    >What an ugly car. Vanity plates are very common here in NH and I see some winners too. Of course the jesus fish and the Bush sticker go hand in hand — I’m surprised this wasn’t all on a mini-van!


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