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>One of my pet peeves about Sacramento, especially the downtown/midtown area, is when someone has an event at a venue without a parking lot.  Sorry, but this city is not cool enough to be all “Only the bourgeois need a car.”  This city thrives on the bourgeois.  It is the essence of middle class.

 If I wanted to fret over parking, I would still be living in San Francisco.  There are a plethora of restaurants and shopping centers with parking lots in the greater Sacramento area, so I get annoyed when they are passed over for something supposedly cooler in a part of town where street parking is the norm.

Regardless, no one can say I didn’t try.  I always try.  I tried to go to the SacTweetup tonight only to be thwarted by the parking gods.  Spending 30 minutes circling six blocks and maneuvering various one way streets constitutes major effort. 

Speaking of major effort, my love life seems to be following the same trend as my search for a parking spot in midtown.  Granted, my attempts to find true love have sloughed off as of late.  I’m still a bit burned out, but I’m trying to reignite myself.  My self esteem has taken a few hits, but like all salespeople, I just have to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back out there.  It’s tough to accept that some guys don’t find me attractive or are indifferent.  I hear Jerry Seinfeld’s mom when I think about that… “How can anyone not like you?”

2 thoughts on “>Not Meant to Be

  1. Fun Tour Guru

    >So true about parking. And sad to hear you missed some of the event. I sometimes skip events in San Jose because of parking. So many other things to do other places and with free/convenient parking. It makes a huge difference. Things come when you least expect them… mean while find a great adventure.

  2. SFChick74

    >Thanks. I think I'm still standing in line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but the people watching is fun, right?


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