>Never Thought I’d See That

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>The other day I was driving down the freeway when I see some jackass in a muscle car weaving in and out of traffic like there’s a checkered flag twenty miles ahead of him. 

Like most people, I shook my head wishing a CHP would pull him over.

About 10 miles down the road, I see just that.

I always love the people who get mad that they got a ticket.  You ask, “Did you…speed, roll through the stop, run the red light?” “Well, yes, but…” Just take your punishment like an adult and shut up about it.

1 thought on “>Never Thought I’d See That

  1. Evil

    >My husband has has something similar happen. A woman ran a stop sign in our neighborhood (Midtown) and had the nerve to honk at HIM when she almost hit his car. A few seconds later those red and blue lights were blaring and sweet justice prevailed.

    People who drive like assholes should have their licenses revoked.


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