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>Roundabouts should be banned from the state of California because most drivers are too stupid to navigate them. Every other time I drive through it I almost get hit because no one yields to me! Dude! I’m in the damn circle, I have the right of way. You have to YIELD to me. The sign says so! It’s not that difficult.

Then you have the people too scared to even enter the ring. There’s one car that might be in the cirlce in a few minutes, but the stupid driver sits there shaking at the thought of entering the roundabout. JUST GO!

So, as I’m looking for the rule that says not to stop in the roundabout, I find this little tidbit about road rage.

California Driver Handbook – Mobility and Gridlock – Dealing with Traffic, Road Rage, and Technology

You gotta love the “don’t make eye contact with an angry driver” tip. Don’t drive slow, don’t tailgate. How about the “stay home until the wee hours of the morning when no one will be out but you” tip?

I’ve been in situations where you have to cut off the asshole who won’t let you in the right lane because he’s too busy talking on his damn phone to notice that you’ve had your signal on for the last mile and if you don’t get over NOW you are going to miss your exit.

What about my road rage? How do I deal with that? They tell you how to deal with other people’s road rage, but not how to manage your own.

10 thoughts on “>How to Deal With Road Rage

  1. Anonymous

    >Jared Moshe’s weblog: guilty pleasure
    I don’t tend to refer to my job much in this blog. Today I’m going to make an exception.
    Came acroos your Blog & liked it. It’s unique to say the least. I’m trying to put up a site–Agent Orange, but when you work with words like agent orange symptoms, it makes it difficult. Just venting , I guess —Jack—

  2. Xtine

    >I feel your pain. I’ve been on vacation all week and have taken some driving trips. I was in Boston the other day and came across a round about (they called it a ‘rotary). No body knows how to react to these things!

  3. christhestampede

    >I have a couple of road-rage tips; for tailgaters at least. (I used to be quite the driving hellion; I’ve mellowed a bit and try to be mindful of those who want to go faster than me, but some people are just jerks; here’s how I deal with ’em.)
    1) I can’t speak for all cars, but so long as I’m doing 40mph or more, my windshield washer fluid is more than capable of reaching the car behind me. A 30 second dousing of the car behind you (especially if its a convertible) is usually enough to get them to back off a bit. Plus, you can feel like you’re a super-spy activating some cool techno-mabob in your car to defend yourself from persuers. (I don’t recommend using on motorcyclists though… they tend to get a little uptight about bleach in their eyes.)
    2) If I’m outta washer fluid, I just take my foot off the gas. Once I’m going 10-15 under, tailgaters tend to give me a little more room.
    3) Um… did I say the washer fluid thing yet? I did? Oh… um… well, I guess I only have two tips then… Hope they help!

  4. christhestampede

    >PS. OOPS! Forgot to thank you for your link to the chewie site; that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. And The Onion rocks!

  5. Brian King

    >What’s up with the crap comments from phony bloggers? Is this what blogging is coming to? The mainstream is going to ruin fucking everything!

  6. indygirl

    >So I was going to say something about how there are no tips for regulating one’s own rage because there is no sense of personal responsibility these days, BUT then I read all the freakin’ spam on here and fell off my chair.

    “It pretty much covers russian girl related stuff.”

  7. SFChick74

    >I think I deleted the spammer comments. Jack and the Cool Guy are treading on thin ice. If I find out they are spammers, there will be hell to pay!


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