>Fahrvergnügen – Mysterious Broken Car

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>Advice to car owners – if the car won’t start once, don’t try to start it again. It will not break again when it gets to the dealership/mechanic.

The blinking lights on my dashboard told me that the key was having a problem. My mom came over and brought the spare I left at her house. I tried it and of course, after two tries the car starts. It didn’t start well though. It started rough like a beat up old Pinto.

I had a white knuckle ride over to the dealer. “Please don’t blow up, just get me to the dealership safe,” kept running through my head like some sad mantra.

Dropped it off and my mom took me to work. I felt like I was back in high school. Got to work (almost an hour late) and the network was down. I sat there twiddling my thumbs (playing solitare, actually). People kept telling me I could go home. I kept getting more angry. I had no ride until the late afternoon.

Finally, the dealer calls at 4:30 and tells me that they can’t find anything wrong with it. They decided to keep it overnight, so they could do more tests on it. The guy said they had some weird readings that didn’t make any sense, but really couldn’t find anything wrong. When I brought it in he was pretty sure it was only a dying battery.

The guys at the Enterprise agency remembered me, “Weren’t you in here a couple weeks ago?” “You drive the Beetle, right?” They must get a hell of alot of business from the Volkswagen drivers. Maybe I can at least get a date from a hot young guy out of this crap…

I am now driving a Saturn Ion and thinking of trading in my stylish Beetle for the reliability of a cookie cutter sedan.

6 thoughts on “>Fahrvergnügen – Mysterious Broken Car

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  2. Un-Named

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  3. SFChick74

    >I considered the Civic when I was buying my Beetle. I’ll also consider the hammer/gibberish program next time the car needs afixin’.

    How the hell did Spammy von Spamalot get through the word verification thingy?

    Indygirl, you crack me up!


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