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>I make a million decisions every single day. It’s exhausting.

 The best decision I make is the one that cuts down on the number of decisions I have to make. This is why I always look for an arrow when making a left hand turn. I don’t have to decide when it’s safe to go. The light does that for me.

 The same thing can be said of driving through midtown. There are a lot of streets without four way stops. I try to avoid those. I’d rather have a stop sign or even better, a light, help me.  Playing Frogger in real life doesn’t appeal.

Even in my dating life, I prefer the guy come up with the idea of where to meet. Half the time though, I have to make a suggestion. It’s way sexier when a guy takes control and says, “Let’s meet here.” I still have the choice to say yes or no, but at least I don’t have to make the initial suggestion.

I hate having to figure out where to get lunch while at work, figuring out where to meet for a date is really annoying.

That’s not to say I’ve not gone somewhere and thought, “This would be a good place for a date.” There are plenty of great places in Sacramento for dates. I just want the guys I date to know about at least one of them without me having to suggest them. I mean you all can’t be new here, right?

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