>Baby, you can drive my car.

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You know what? I’m sick and tired of driving. I’ve been driving for 21 years. Not all at once…it’s been 21 years since I took that rite of passage at the DMV. AAA reminded me of it today when I renewed my membership.

All I want is someone else to drive me around. I know that seems odd for a control freak to say, but I’m just done.

If a guy I’m dating doesn’t have a license, that’s a deal breaker. I need a driver. Luckily, I haven’t found many guys who have multiple DUIs.  Heck, I’ve always said if I ever win the lottery (which I won’t because I don’t play) I wouldn’t even buy a new car or a house. The first thing I would do is hire a driver.  So when a celebrity with a lot of money gets in trouble for drinking and driving, I just roll my eyes.  Paying a guy or gal $200 to chauffeur you to a club and back is way cheaper than a court date.

Now, I do enjoy a road trip and yes, sometimes it’s fun to zip around in my Beetle, but mostly, I’d rather let someone else have the responsibility. It’s nice to have the freedom to come and go as I please because I know how to drive.

Hey, I even know how to drive a stick! How many people can say that nowadays? My Dad wouldn’t let me graduate from high school without knowing how to shift gears. It would have been nice if he’d taught me how to change the oil, refill the wiper fluid and know what that rattling noise might be.

Look how far I’ve gone!

The farthest I’ve driven was from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Los Angeles and then back up to the Bay Area. That’s me in the driver’s seat at some point, not as a passenger. One day, I would like to drive across the country and back. No, not in a flipping RV. In a car, a big old gas guzzling SUV, so I’m comfortable. 

Actually, that’s not true. I’m just as comfortable in a little car. In fact, I prefer to drive little cars. They seem to handle better. Big vehicles sort of lumber along the road. And parking is almost never a problem for a little car. One good thing about living and working in the City for so long? I am not afraid to parallel park. I will circle around Midtown Sacramento looking for the best spot, even if I have to back into it.  I can handle traffic and make a quick U-ey with the best of them. Still, with all my skills, I’d rather be the passenger.

2 thoughts on “>Baby, you can drive my car.

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    >Here's a sign of my age…my first car was a stick shift. And so was my 2nd car! I don't even want to think about kids driving stick shift cars these days, not with all that texting they're doing.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >My first car was a stick shift too! Heck, my sister still drives one. Maybe the kids need to go back to driving a manual transmission so they will put the damn phones down…a few adults too!!


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>Baby you can drive my car

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>I was in the car for about two and a half hours today. I don’t mind it if I have someone to keep me company, but I had to haul my ass down to the East Bay and back for work. Unfortunately, I have to do it again NEXT WEEK!

Because I comfort myself with food, I went to A&W for dinner. It’s not a real A&W. It’s one of those new ones combined with a KFC.

Now, I’m sitting at home with a belly full of grease and root beer.

Excuse me while I slip into a food coma.

3 thoughts on “>Baby you can drive my car

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>Baby, You Can Drive My Car

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>Seriously, someone tell me what I have done to deserve this? My Beetle overheated (AGAIN) on the way to the dealership this morning before work. I had to have it towed.

Turns out I have a bad water pump, so the car was beginning to overheat. Luckily, the car is still under warranty. My worry is that what happens when the warranty runs out in 3,000 miles or over the next year. How many more major issues am I going to have? I can’t pay for major fixes like new water pumps on a regular basis. I think it’s time to start researching lemon laws.

On a positive note, the hot guys at the Enterprise rental agency might have been all of 23 years old. I’m pretty sure none of them are old enough to actually rent a car from the agency they work for. Not that it matters to me. At this point, as long as the guy is over the age of 18, I’m game.

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