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>Living in San Francisco for so long was a blessing and a curse when it comes to parking.  It taught me to both respect and fear parking. I am aggressive and confident enough to deal with any situation the parking gods throw at me.  This confidence comes at a price though. Ingrained in my psyche is an unreasonable fear of parking.  It’s not so much actual fear as it is a belief that it will be more hassle than it actually is.

While it’s great that I have no fear of parallel parking and no trouble making an aggressive U-turn on a street when it’s safe and necessary, I also think that if an area is without a lot, parking will be hard to come by.  In Sacramento, this is not the case even in Midtown. 

“Tweetups” in Sacramento are always in the grid-like area known as Midtown.  Granted, there are a plethora of good restaurants and bars there, but parking can be hard to come by sometimes on busy Thursday nights.  I never did figure out why people in Sacramento go out so much on Thursdays… 

Today, I’m glad I made the “effort” and went to the SactoMoFo tweetup.  Both Drewski’s Hot Rod & the Mini Burger Truck were there.  I’ve had the yummy gourmet sliders from the Mini Burger Truck before, but Drewski’s Hot Rod and their fancied up grilled cheese sandwiches had proven elusive…kind of like my dates, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I had the Charger sandwich.  A Philly cheesesteak style concoction except it had grilled chicken.  As I tweeted on Twitter, it was so yummy.  I was digging the grilled onions & peppers one expects in a Philly cheesesteak.  Yes, I’m bring back the word digging.

I also had the garlic & rosemary tater tots.  They seemed a bit salty, but I’m a light weight when it comes to salt.  Regardless, they were still pretty good. 

If you are curious about this gourmet food truck phenomenon, check out the SactoMofo (Sacramento Mobile Food) festival at Fremont Park in Sacramento on Saturday. Both the Mini Burger Truck and Drewski’s Hot Rod will be in attendance along with a bunch of other gourmet food trucks.

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